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August 2007

Shanny Visits Hawaii!


My best friend and roommate from college, Shannon, visited the island last week! I got her for one day, and we did the North Shore! We drove up and down the coast, stopping at the Banzai Pipeline to try and get the feel of the whole surf scene. We stopped and spent some time at the "LOST" beach, where the set of the tv show is. They started filming just days after she left the island! I won't bore you with "Lost" set pictures... unless anyone's interested.

Me at Pipeline


Lunch was at Jamison's by the Sea! We ate out on the lanai, and it was a perfect afternoon for that.

Dessert was, of COURSE, shave ice at Aoki's!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, shave ice......

Shanny and I on the "LOST" beach


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Kaua'i - The Garden Isle - Our trip!


E and I took a very last-minute whirlwind vacation over to a neighbor island... Kaua'i! A family that she babysits for called us asking if she would like to go with them to Kaua'i to help out with the kids, and invited me along too, if I wanted to go. We all already know the answer to that, right? LOL

So we flew at 7am Saturday morning and came back home 6pm Sunday evening. It was the quickest flight I have ever been on! 20 minutes between the two islands. LOL Time enough to get up in the air, pass out and drink a tiny cup of passion guava juice and then land. Best kind of flight.

That island is so different from Oahu!! Hundreds of thousands LESS people, and ZERO over-developed areas. The zoning codes for that island state that NO building can be taller than a coconut tree. They specifically wanted to avoid turning into Oahu or Waikiki. So there is very little to actually see as you drive around, other than the natural beauty of everything. And the towns are SO small and quaint!!

So when you are leaving the baggage claim area, this sign greets you:

And then you step thru the doors under the sign to this view!

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Resort & Spa, which is HUUUGGGEEE and gorgeous. And it is right next door to, or shares property with the Poipu Bay Golf Course. Dad... this is the prettiest golf course I have ever seen. There wasn't a tournament going on, but they are proud of the events they host, that's for sure. Tiger Woods and Greg Norman stuff all around. They say it's the home of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. We ate dinner at the clubhouse restaurant.

The view from our room balcony



E and I on that balcony


One of the waterfalls there on the beachfront side of the resort. Maybe you can see E and one of the kids she was there to help out with

Scenes from around the property

Some of the swimming areas- the pools were unbelievable. Some were salt water lagoons w/ sand, and some were fresh water that just looked like lagoons



Waimea Canyon- Mark Twain dubbed this the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The canyon measures 10 miles long, 1 mile wide, and more than 3,500-feet deep. I showed up just after sunrise... I hear that it looks different in the late afternoon to sunset times.



Kalalau Lookout... this is the very end of the road on the western side of the island. Located in Koke'e State Park... it was raining when I finally got up there... the white mist covered most everything. I wish I had had more time to see it on a dry day, because I think that is probably the prettiest spot on the island that you could drive to.

Just a pretty shot out to the ocean. Hard to tell where the water ends and the sky begins!

Another beautiful coastal view

Wailua Falls... there's a road that takes you right out to these falls! Another long and winding and bumpy road. In the Hanama'ulu area.

Gorgeous coastal shots... driving north up the East coast... this was somewhere near Kapa'a


Hanalei Valley

Maniniholo Dry Cave - this thing was huge!! The beach just in front of it: Tunnels Beach & Ha'ena Beach Park

Inside the cave

The view from the inside out

Kaua'i is all about keeping the island calm, peaceful and uncrowded. So another thing they do to keep crowds at a minimum (along with no tall buildings and no big shopping centers) is keep traffic moving REALLY SLOW! All along the North Shore, there are one-lane bridges. So you have to stop and yield right of way to the other cars as you move along the coast. I took this pic out the front window of the car so you could see... they're wooden bridges!

Kilauea Lighthouse...I am so glad I found my way to this! So pretty.


E on the beach right before we left


After we flew back to Oahu... we walked out to our car that was parked on the topmost floor of the airport's parking garage. And it was nearly sunset, and the view of Honolulu/Waikiki/Diamondhead was soooooo pretty!!



And E stood up on the concrete wall and wanted her picture taken... cute!

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Fires, Earthquake and Hurricane! Poor Hawaii


The earthquake that hit the Big Island on Monday was only a 5.4, and we didn't feel it this time (unlike those last October! Definitely felt those.) No tsunamis from the earthquake, either, thankfully.

The hurricane, Flossie, has been getting downgraded each day this week... and today I think it's a tropical storm. Lots of wind and weird rain from it, but that's it.

These brush fires, on the other hand, are out of control! They started on Sunday on the windward side of the Wai'anae mountain range... so they're on "my" side of the mountains, but the tradewinds are blowing the other way, so it's really strange to have the fires so close, and yet not be able to even smell it.

I spent some time yesterday, taking pictures of the area. All roads to the North Shore are closed except for one... so traffic is much heavier than normal around here, as well.

This is the view straight down the road out of the housing area that we live in.

Same view, zoomed in closer.

Then I went out at dusk... same from straight out the end of the road.

And again at night. This one doesn't look like much, really, but the height of the flames really was amazing. That is still a good distance away, and the flames looked high.

I had to turn the flash off on the camera, and consequently had to hold REALLY still to get any kind of a non-blurry shot. But the winds were so strong because of the hurricane! This was as steady as it got, last night. I think it kind of looks like a lava flow!

Hopefully they're able to finally put that out soon. Too bad we're not getting MORE rain from Flossie to help. So far 7.8 square miles have burned, and it keeps getting closer and closer to the Army base that C works on. The Star Bulletin says that the fire has spread to the Army property, but that housing isn't in danger yet.

On to the first day of school pictures... 8th grade for E, and 3rd grade for N


A few soccer pics of The Boy... during this game, one of the referees told our coach that N shouldn't play with the mohawk anymore because "it is a safety hazard". !!!!! What the....?? Like, if some kid happened to fall on N's HEAD... they'd get cut and bleed out right there on the field?!? Come onnnnn...



Here is he, making a great save as goalkeeper!

Hawaiian Airlines is running a Hurricane Flossie sale right now... $19 per seat one way to any neighbor island. So for $38 round trip... I'm thinking of planning a quick little family trip to Kauai for next weekend. The travel window they give is pretty darn small, tho! I'm dying to see the other neighbor islands before we leave here!

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