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May 2006

The Hukilau Cafe & other pictures from today


What a fabulous day here. For those who have seen the movie "50 First Dates", you might remember The Hukilau Cafe!! It's the restaurant that Drew Barrymore ate breakfast at every morning, building her waffle houses!

Well, I've wanted to find this place ever since I knew I was coming to the island. Remember what it looked like in the movie? Brown wood place, roomy inside... outdoors was woodsy and open with the gravel road leading up to it?

LMAO!!! Want to see what the REAL Hukilau Cafe looks like?? I don't want to burst any bubbles... (coz believe me, MINE is burst)... But here you go:




And this is the Laie Cash and Carry shop that shares the same building with the Hukilau Cafe:


Nothing cute or quaint about THIS place!!!! What a bummer! I'd read online that their food was soooo good, so I ordered up the banana pancakes. They were just fine... nothing wildly wonderful. Served on paper plates, eaten with plastic utensils.

They had a big framed poster from 50 First Dates hanging in there, so we had to ask.... what the heck?! THIS isn't the place!! Turns out some of the movie employees would drive up to the Hukilau to eat and they really liked it. So the movie people paid the owner of the Hukilau "a LOT of money" to use the name in the movie.... but not the REAL place! All they did was purchase the right to use the name!

I wonder if the waitress heard the "pop!" of my bubble bursting?

On the drive home, we stopped leisurely for photo opportunities here and there. Waimea Bay was especially gorgeous and clear today:


That's the famous jumping rock right there in the foreground. You can see a few guys up there.


There were a couple of painters at Turtle Beach, and one of them had her canvas facing the street, so I thought this was a neat picture:


And lastly... if I'm not going to eat a good, healthy clean breakfast... why not chase it down with a fabulous Hawaiian shave ice?!? I don't see why not! So I went to Aoki's and got their Haleiwa Delight shave ice and a t-shirt.


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Memorial Day Catch-Up

Hi Everyone!

It's Memorial Day Sunday and we're getting ready to spend the day at the beach on the North Shore. Chun's Reef. I haven't been taking scenery pics around here lately, and I am going to change that today. Need some new beach pictures!

I did upload a few of the pictures of me during my whole fitness transformation. I'm not done yet, but I at least have some good results. I take pictures about every 2 to 3 weeks, but I'm not going to put them ALL up here. LOL!

I'm just going to start with April 21st. You all pretty much know what my "before" self looked like. Lumpy and not a trace of any muscle tone. LOL!

April 21, 2006 at Kailua Beach in my new BuffMother tank top!

Mom, Dave and I went sea kayaking that day, and this was taken on Flat Island off the coast of Oahu.

On the back side of Flat Island with Kaneohe Bay in the background.

My hair looks like crap, but this was taken May 10th. I'm actually growing some muscle!!

These were taken yesterday, May 27, 2006. I wanted to see what my abs really look like, so N took the pics for me - he's the perfect height.


C is doing well over in the Sands. He sounds SO tired; I don't think he's getting much sleep. We were supposed to have had our very first VTC (video teleconference) yesterday, but when the kids and I showed up at the location on base, we learned it was cancelled due to a communications blackout over there. =o(

June 8th will be 6 months that he's been gone. He'll get to come home in July or August for his 2 weeks of R&R.

The kids are doing well... only 5 days left of school!! Crazy! Then E's best buddy from South Carolina is flying out to spend 4 weeks with us, and she's all nuts with the planning and excitement.

Alright, well the kids are packing a cooler with food for our beach day! I think I need to supervise. Hopefully we'll have some new pictures.

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