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April 2007

Camping on the Beach in Hawaii

Bellows Beach


It was finally Cub Scout camping weekend! The Boy had been looking forward to this for a couple of months now... and it's finally come and gone. The Boy had a fantastic time. It was his first campout, and I think it was a really successful one. We pitched our tent, put the rain fly on top of it (thank GOD because OMG did the rain pour down during the nights!!!) and got our gear situated.

Before C left for Thailand he helped us shop for the perfect tent, and The Boy was unbelievably excited about it! He was shocked and amazed that I could actually put it up by myself. LMAO



So there's our little tent. It was perfect for the two of us and our stuff.

It was soooooooo windy out there, every second of the time. Not breezy, but gusting wind. Shoes would blow across the ground if not properly secured. Sneakers... not just flip flops.

Anyway, I have a GREAT sunburn going! I put sun screen everywhere except my chest and across the back of my shoulders. So at least it's not all over my body. The only burn N got was on his upper and lower eyelids... where I couldn't get any sunscreen at all.



It is hilarious how much STUFF some families take on a campout!! Huge house-sized tents, 12" thick air mattresses, sometimes TWO piled on top of each other, grills and charcoal and boogie boards and suitcases and propane gas coffee makers and portable picnic tables and house brooms and dozens of other things.

The Boy and I took a 2-man tent, two sleeping bags, a box of non-perishable food for me, a cooler with all my food and water, a backpack w/ his clothes, a pack w/ my clothes and a bag w/ my shower toiletries and towels.


The kids eating breakfast that was cooked over a small propane skillet. LOL!


The eating part, for me, turned out to be WAY easy. I took all of my own food, packed into a 50 Qt. cooler, and I took more than enough. A couple of the women asked what I was eating, and commented, "Ewww, you eat healthy, don't you?" It's always the most obese people who say things like that, too. Hmmmm. I baked a big loaf of my whole wheat flax banana bread and ate that alot. I took a couple of ground turkey burger patties w/ an egg white and oatmeal oats mixed into it. That got a few wondering comments from people. hehe


Here's the view out of our tent door! The beach is just on the other side of that ridge straight ahead.



This is my favorite shot from the weekend. Who knew a silhouette picture could be so good? =o)




The beach and water were gorgeous. It felt amazingly good to float around in the waves after being out in the hot sun all day.


The boys did mini golf as part of their requirements to earn the golfing beltloop. It was a fun little course.


Then later in the day a dad played football with a bunch of the boys. N loved every bit of that action.




Then dinner that night was TACOS! N was so hungry he built a huge two-in-one taco... a full hard taco put inside of a full soft taco!


When it got dark, we built a huge campfire, made smores, sang songs, told jokes and stories and then the boys went nuts in the dark w/ glow sticks.

So we're home earlier than expected today, on Sunday. We woke up at 6am to a HUGE pouring, driving rain... and the wind just made it go sideways.... so we packed up and left camp before we really had to. So now, I've emptied the van out, re-pitched the tent in the yard so that it can dry out to be put away properly, showered, lubed up my sunburn and am now looking at pictures.


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The Many Faces of E


Nothing much to report... just wanted to share some pictures of E taken this weekend. Two different versions of my child... modeling E and punk rock girl E. LOL!!

You decide which is which. =o)

For the modeling, she is required to wear no demin, makeup AND heels every time. This is the only time she leaves the house looking this way. Just so's ya know.






Oh, I forgot, I do have one bit of new news. As of today, I am officially the assistant track coach for our base. LOL!!!!!!!!! How did that happen?!?! I dont know... the coach just came out and asked! So I'm thinking this could help w/ MY running... if I run along w/ the kids sometimes. I don't know. He said because so many track and field events run simultaneously at track meets, that he would need help on the field w/ our team while he was doing other events w/ our team. And to help keep general law and order during practices. LOL!

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Here Goes April!


It feels like April just started... but a week's gone by already! It was a crazy week, too. For you all keeping track of C's schedule... he's gone again. Well, wait... let's catch you all up.

WLC (Warrior Leader's Course) was 30 days from February to March. Less than a week after graduating WLC, his unit decided he was going to go to BNCOC real quick (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer's Course). So he did that for the last week of March and first week of April. He graduated BNCOC first in his class, with "Superior" marks in every column, two days ago on April 5th.

Yesterday, April 6th, he flew to Thailand for his next deployment! No pictures from any of that... we were up at 4am yesterday morning so that I could drive him to his meeting point for Thailand. It was dark and we were all sleepy. LOL

I have no idea what level of communication he'll have once over there. They will be in a very rural area, sleeping on the floor of some old school building it sounds like. He took his cell phone and laptop just in case.

I only have 3 new pictures for today... more soon, tho, I'll bet. E starts her modelling classes today! For today's class we had to buy her strappy heels for runway work. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for THAT class. hehehe A fly with a camera!

Anyway.... I recently got bangs cut into my hair. I'm still not sure I like it. Keep waiting for it to grow on me. And I finally got new glasses. I am the king of keeping old glasses WAAAAAAAY TOO LONG... until the prescription is long outdated AND they're horribly out of style. So this is me leaping back into trendiness.


I don't know how well you can see them, I guess... but they're purple frames with rectangular lenses!! I never noticed this on people before I was told I had to get new glasses... but all the available glasses are rectangles now! The whole wall was covered in them, and at first I hated them and wanted something more like my old ones. But I do like these now. At least they're not bent and broken like the old ones.

OH! And they're made of titanium. So they twist and bend and warp all without breaking! I wish all of my glasses had been made of this stuff!

Here are a couple pictures of Bruiser the rat. I took these so that I can start to find him a new home. He's at the end of his rope in THIS house. He has started barking nearly all the time and is impossible to potty train!



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