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February 2006

Ko'Olina Lagoons


We went back to the lagoons on Saturday with another family we're friends with. It was a really nice day there... hot and sunny, but the water was chilly to swim in. I had to wear a rash guard the whole time because my back was sunburned from a trip to the pool two days before.

4 of the 6 kids we had with us

The Boy taking a ring pop break





It's President's Day, and the kids are home from school. E had a friend spend the night and I think we'll just do things outside around the house today. Everything on base is closed.

I'm getting irritated with having the regular house phone again. It's unbelievable how many unsolicited calls I get... with cell phones, this didn't happen. Apparently those telemarketers didn't get today off because I got a call already.

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E's 1st Basketball Game and Talent Auditions


Yesterday was awfully busy. It was the first basketball game of the season, and there was an opening ceremony down at Pearl Harbor. It was a huge event for which there was not enough parking! 'nuff said there. LOL

The game was over on Camp Smith; a small Marine Corps Base that I didn't even know was down there by Pearl Harbor. So here's E's big team sports debut... these first pictures are from warmups before the game:







And these are from the game itself:




They said her full name wouldn't fit on the jersey....



Her team won 27-22!! Wheeeeeeeee! I'm so glad. They play their season like a regular season in which there are playoffs and stuff, so their winning record does matter.

She loved having her contacts to play... no glasses anymore. She handled the ball one time during the game, and when the poor kid threw it to her, she looked to startled and scared! LOL!! She unloaded it immediately to another kid, and that was it for her. She needs more practice feeling comfortable... but the coach was really nice and encouraging and she had a blast!

Yesterday was also their World Talent, Inc auditions. This is a company who supposedly finds talent for television commercials, shows, print ad models and "high fashion" models. I had no way of knowing if they were running a scam in order to just get money out of us... but we went to see what it was all about.

We all signed in, and filled out a 2 page profile sheet on each kid. Then a couple of women spoke to us about the different opportunities that World Talent can offer to kids who meet the casting personae they are looking for at the time. It was an open casting call.

She showed pictures of some kids they represent, or helped get started. Then they had some agent guy come in and speak to us and said he had a surprise guest who could tell us what it was all like first hand... and Michael Capon breezed in! LOL N AND the teenage girls with us were prett excited. He was a blue power ranger, on the show One Tree Hill, and That's So Raven (I forget what else he's done). So he was all motivational and all... told the kids to definitely speak up for what they wanted, and not be nervous or scared of anything. He said he'd stay around and talk with anyone who wanted to ask him anything.

So then the kids were "interviewed" by one of the women. They looked for outgoing personalities, kids who could do more than give monotone, single syllable answers, etc. My kids did just ok, I think. They were stiff and nervous. LOL Then they went for their little on-camera time... they took in a sheet of paper with a commercial on it.... walked up in front of the camera, said their name, their age and what commercial they were going to do. Then the agent dudes had to prompt both of my kids to SMILE at the end. LMAO!

So no money was talked about... we were there for about an hour and a half total. We have to call back on Monday to find out if it's a yes or a no. If they're a yes, they go back for a more in-depth tryout. I wonder if they tell EVERYbody yes and then that's when the scam starts? I'm so skeptical of the whole thing! LOL But so far, so good. I think realistically, my kids should probably both be "No's" because they were stiff and nervous.... not very outgoing or aggressively personable. LOL! They were really interested in E's gymnastics background, tho, and the agent loved her blue eyes and freckles. Who knows! LOL

They did mention how much kids get paid for 30 second commercials, for a print catalog ad and television series spots.... and it was A LOT! They started planning how many 4-wheelers and dirt bikes that would buy! LMAO Then I mentioned the big "C" word... College... and they were like... Oh. hehehe

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