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I got "Lost" today =o)


Well sort of. I didn't have the FULL experience of getting "Lost"... but it was still a lot of fun. Anyone who watches ABC's show "Lost" will know what I'm talking about. If you don't watch the show, you can still enjoy the scenery. =o)

I have to start off by saying they weren't filming when we went out there, but I still had a GREAT TIME! hehehehe I am dumbfounded at how close to my home they film the beach scenes!

This site resizes the pictures to be much smaller than the originals... I hope you can see everything well enough.

They have the whole area fenced off when the cast and crew aren't out there. And there are No Photography signs posted.. and no trespassing signs too. So I felt sorta like a sneaky criminal... but it's worth it. RIGHT??

Actually there was one man out there, sitting in a metal folding chair. LMAO We didn't talk to him, but I truly think his job is to sit there and make sure no one vandalizes the set when it's not in use! And to enforce the no photography rule. DARNIT!!

But here we go!

Me on the beach with the Lost set in the background to the right. It's behind that orange plastic net/fence thing. And maybe you can see the blue tarp? We had to get creative with some of the pictures we took.


Here is the church Mr. Echo built!!



The little graveyard where they buried the people who died during the plane crash and shortly after the crash was right next to the church. I took a picture of it, but it's NOTHING to look at. You can tell they haven't used it as a scene in the show for a LONG time.

Here's another scenic shot, taken with the Lost set behind the photographer. It's a view the Lost castaways see when looking out at the ocean from their beach.



Here's a close-up of the set area... sort of. I was still a good distance away, and zoomed in as best I could.


The man who was guarding the area got up as we walked by. So I had to be SNEAKY in taking pictures. So I only got two.... I got that big tree that's behind the yellow crime scene tape stuff in between me and the man... so I snapped two quick pictures.


Even tho it's behind the orange net fence, you can see this shanty/shack really well... how the wall if it is a piece of the airplane!


And last shot.... This is the road that the cast and crew go down to get to the set. When they are filming, there is a sign out and a guard there, keeping people like ME from going down there. LMAO!


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Okay... seriously... you have way too much time getting to run around the island...
Where did you find this one, Lisa?

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