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Mele Kalikimaka !!


...that's Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. =o)

Our day is finished and it's past 10:30pm for us. It was a really long day! For Christmas Eve last night, the kids baked cookies, ate dinner and were IN BED by 7:08pm! They willingly went up that early, and I kid you not.... they were asleep by 7:30pm! E told N that if they went to sleep early, they'd wake up early and start Christmas early. She was NOT kidding.

E came into my room, CARRYING N at 5:11am!! There was NO way I was getting up at that time, and even N wasn't ready. So he crawled into bed with me, and E went downstairs and watched some of "A Christmas Story". She came back up and wouldn't take no for an answer at 6:00am.


So we did the usual things... checked to see that Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk, checked the stockings to see they were full of goodies, etc. E collected the cards from the tree and brought the stockings to each of us.

Here is the stocking booty:



This is MY stocking booty... gum, lip stuff and dental floss! What's the deal with the floss Santa?? LOL! And my Santa apparently wants to make more cookies!

This is N at about 6:15am, opening a card:

This is N at about 6:16am, after discovering that card held a $100 check for him:

Regular Christmas booty:










And then after we were all done, we brought Devil Dog in for his Christmas presents. He had 3 to open.



He doesn't LOOK like a demon, does he?


It was a big Star Wars year here. That's the new Darth Vader voice changing mask. =o) And the super-cool color changing light saber that I didn't know required batteries. Once it's powered up, it changes colors from red to blue.

E looking awfully cute in her "Hello Kitty in Hawaii" shirt & jeans and new Carebear and iDog.

The iDog and the Izzle IZ are really CUTE! It's SO cool to be able to listen to our iPod music without wearing the earplugs! These are really cute speaker systems for the pods.


This is my Christmas booty! An awesome squishy computer desk chair, Rachael Ray's Furi knife, the new Food Network cookbook, pretty oven mitts, towels and an apron! E tells me my kitchen stuff is ugly, so I see she fixed that.

We didn't go to the lagoons today because once the present opening was done, everyone wanted to play with their new stuff. Throughout the day we played 3 of the 4 new board games and E's new card game Phase 10, I built my chair (took me 3 tries, hon) and N really broke in the ONE video game that he got - "Star Wars Battlefront". He says it's his new favorite Playstation 2 game.

We ate dinner next door and it was a really nice time. I'm so glad they invited us. Two other neighborhood kids actually invited themselves to dinner too, so there were 6 kids and 3 adults. LOL! They made lasagne as the main course (they're Italian) and it was soooo good!! I took over breadsticks, a huge salad and Jello. hehe

We finally came home and E and I played one more round of Phase 10 while N broke out the "Battlefront" again. So I'm finally getting a chance to pull these pictures off the camera and post up about our Kalikimaka. From the comfort of my new chair. =o)

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Mele Kalikimaka Me Ka Hauoli Makahiki Hou! I am finally moving January 10 to North Shore Kaua'i! Nani O Kauai! First trip will be to Foodland and get me some mochi and musubi! It will be so good to be finally home with my ohana! ALOOOHA! Krissy

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