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Our First Visit to Matsumodo's

... for their famous shave ice!


I have to start this off with my extreme difficulty in saying SHAVE ICE. I can't help but say it past tense and blurt out SHAVED ice. I'm trying... hate to sound more like a tourist than kama'aina (a local resident), but I'm working on it.

Anyway, this shave ice is like none I've ever had before. The closest thing I can compare it to is the shaved ice you might find at a county fair, maybe. Where they use an ice cream scoop and put a bunch of chunked up ice into the paper cup and drown it in the fruit flavored syrups. This IS like that, but the ice they use is extremely thin and it melts in your mouth!! There's no need to chew up the little chunks of ice because there aren't any. Very good, indeed. But what makes this even more different is that there's ICE CREAM under that stuff!! I don't know what all flavors there were to choose from, but there's at least vanilla and chocolate.

So Nikolas got us a rainbow shave ice w/ vanilla ice cream. And boy was it GOOD. In fact, I liked it better than he did! So now I've been to Matsumodo's and bought the t-shirt.


There's The Boy right after getting the wonderful stuff. And you can see one of the 50 t-shirt choices in the window above him.



I know, I look rough... long day of pool, sun, beach and driving fast with the window down. C said I looked just fine tho!! I won't believe THAT again! LOL

And I installed more plants and flowers and stuff to my front patio to make it homier and more inviting. Here's the before pic, and the NOW pic:



I am still looking for just the right TIKI guy to sit out there with me. He'll sit up against the house, to the right of the blue door, sort of in front of that silver electrical outlet. The right one has eluded me so far... but soon!


One last note......... for the few people reading this who've known me long enough to care..... I got back in the pool today for the first time in 17 YEARS. I've been building up to this for a while... bought a cap and goggles first, and then finally a Speedo on ebay (because I saw that a new one in a store is $65!!!!!!!!!!!) So the suit arrived today, and I had no more excuses.

I can't believe it's been so long. That suit just doesn't look the same. LMAO Anyway, I wasn't able to do much. When I swam competitively, we'd have to do a 500 (yards) of something, and then another 500 of something else for the WARM up. Uh huh. Today? I managed to swim 300 yards before my arms gave out.

I wasn't really breathing hard - not winded or anything, but I had to stop because my ARMS were jello! I felt pretty pathetic, but I'll keep on going. There's a gym right there too, so I can get back to lifting, as well.

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So jealous! i want some ono shave ice! get brave and try with azuki beans next time-sooooo ono!
Hey if you see Jack (the doc from LOST) anywhere on Oahu, please send him to me wiki-wiki!

by kauaitita

So...My hubby has to move. They closed the base thingy here...but it's not actually closing until like 2007. After reading all this...i'm going to suggest Hawaii! There's a naval base there right?!

Give E my love!

by aycockl

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