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Surfing at Chun's Reef

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Friday night we did buy our first surfboard! In the end we decided that it didn't need to be anything super special, so we bought it on base for a really good price, and tax free to boot. Had to buy a rack at the same time... so we just got a soft one that's not permanent.

From a previous visit to local surf shops, we were told that Chun's Reef was a good place for beginning surfers to go. It's very close to our house and on the North Shore, so we readily agreed to that plan! In hindsight, now that we've done it, I'd say it's not THAT perfect because of all the rocks just off shore!! OUCH is all I've gotta say about that.

So we arrive at the beach, get all our stuff and the board and head on down. The board is an "Island Creations" if that means anything to anyone.


And there it is, with it's proud new owner. Actually, we've all agreed that it's a family board. We got a 7 foot funboard thinking that we could all use it. It's a little on the short side for total beginners, but C and I hope to overcome that little detail.


A quick scenic view of Chun's Reef. There were several surfers out in the water, but we had the sand to ourselves!


A cute shot of the Boy... he had a nasty run-in with some rocks at the water's edge early on that day. A wave took him out; he went under, and was knocked against the rocks! A very good, memorable lesson for him. He has two big scrapes from it, but otherwise is fine.

I don't have any pictures of E surfing because she never made it out there. The water here, and the waves, are SO different from South Carolina's that she never went out past the big crashing waves near the shore. You have to get thru those to get to the big, calm area.... and then passed THAT is where the surfing waves are. So no E pics to share.

I have a couple of me... one rather humorous, but it sums up my first surfing experiences. =o)



It was all really fun, even tho we actually accomplished very little ON the surfboard. C didn't do any more than I did on it.... just rode some waves body surfing style, and paddled around alot. I have bruises in the insides of both biceps from paddling, and I got hit w/ a fin on my calf... so I have a nice scrape and bruise there. hehehe

I'm out of space to upload pictures for the month!! I am allowed 100 pictures per month, and that is 99 pictures I've uploaded. I think my new month starts later this week.... so I will have to wait until then to post up the pics from the rest of our awesome weekend.

Posted by Brazen 13:47

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very cool! so ya got an HIC board! Brazen, you need to get yourself a rashguard now. love the pics of the lil grom and grommet. have yall learned any pidgin yet? i can carry a full on conversation in it, but will never speak it around locals, but only around my sistah........hope yall are getting some emergency supplies together-there are some hurricanes in the Pacific that could hit Hawaii...cant wait to see more pics as i continue to live vicariously through you until I make my move! aloooooooooha! krissy

by kauaitita

I am impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHile you are surfing we are dodging hurricanes!!

by coulbojw

Looks like you're having tons of fun surfing-Lee used to go down to Folly Beach every day after work & surf but hasn't done it in years-oh well! Still got the board so maybe Austin will pick it up eventually. I can enjoy your photos at least! The water there is so clear & clean-sure wish it was that way in S. Carolina!
Hope Nikolas got the postcard from Austin-will send another soon-sure missed him at the birthday party we had Saturday at Wannamaker!
Take care-

by aussiepie

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