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Who got a mohawk?!


N did!! =o) He and C have been thinking about this since LAST summer... figuring that summertime was a good time to experiment with wild hairdos. Then last week while N was spending the night at a friend's house, I got a phone call, with them asking out of the blue... "Would you mind if N got a mohawk tonight?" LOL!!

So he did. And we've colored it almost every day with temporary hair gel colors. He was especially patriotic on the 4th of July and got a TON of attention when we went out that evening! One woman even stopped and asked if she could take his picture.





And here's beautiful E... just because. =o)

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Hawaii Jr. Olympics Track Season Completed!


Today was the Hawaii Jr. Olympics State Individual Championships track meet. Kids came from neighboring islands to compete, as well as from all over Oahu.

E and N have been doing really well in their events all season long... generally improving upon their times and jumping distances each meet. It would be cool if I could create some nifty chart graphic showing the numbers and events... but in the interest of time... I'll just type them out here. After the pictures tho...

That will leave the BEST NEWS for last! So don't leave this post early. =o)

N running the 50 meter dash


N finishing up the 100 meter dash

E getting set up on the starting block for her 100 meter dash



E mid-air during her running long jump


N mid-jump!

I am a team assistant coach, and I ended up working the long jump pit all day, at each meet... conferring w/ the Official

E getting ready for her championship 200 meter run



Alright.... on to their times for anyone interested in the details. =o)

There are 4 meets... so I'll list the event followed by 4 times... the first time comes from the first meet, etc. (All times in seconds).

E 100 meter
15.7; 15.6; 16.04; scratch

E 200 meter
34.6; 34.43; 33.05; 33.2

E Long Jump
9'10"; 11'7"; 12'1"; 12'8"

N 50 meter
9.8; 10.5; 10.23; 10.16

N 100 meter
21.2; 20.7; 20.1; 19.8

N Long Jump
7'0"; 7'11"; 8'4"; 8'4"

At each of the meets, both kids have finished really well for their long jumps. Not too high for their runs... but this is the first time for them... so it's understandable.

So today (July 7th) was the Championship State Meet. The top 3 finishers not only medalled, but qualified for a trip to Nationals in California in two weeks!

So the great news is that N came in 3rd place for his long jump!! I just got off the phone with the head coach, and he's not sure if N's age group gets to go to Nationals to compete, or if they're too young. I probably won't find that out until Monday. So for the whole state of Hawaii... he's the third best long jumper! =o)

I really wish E could have had the same honors... her jump has REALLY improved over the past month and a half!!! We were really trying for her to jump 13 feet today... but it didn't quite happen. But still... 12'8" is AWESOME and it gave her a 4th place finish today. SO CLOSE to medalling and winning the trip.

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Happy Birthday to Me! My early present.....


So ever since C bought his new Harley when he returned from Iraq, we've talked about ME getting a Harley, too. Lots of talk about WHICH model... him loving a Sportster because they can be so heavily modified... me thinking a Sportster would be too small and wimpy after my liter sportbike.

So no decision could really be made until I'd actually ridden a few Harleys, so I could see if I really wanted to make the change, right? So we rode our Hondas to the Harley shop yesterday, looked around and pretty quickly see THE coolest Sportster I'd ever laid my eyes on.

Whoever owned it before changed everything on it. The only thing that is stock is the engine and the frame. LMAO Everything on it has been modded and upgraded. Custom paint job, it's been lowered, etc etc.

So I started the day never having EVER ridden a Harley myself... and now I own one. We traded in one of the Hondas... C's CBR1000rr.


The artwork is part of the custom paint job... they're not stickers. =o)



So this is a 2001 Sportster 1200. It's a rigid hardtail... meaning zero shocks or suspension!! When I hit bumps, I bounce up off the seat and when I land, my glasses need straightening and I have to reseat myself. hehehehe



We've ridden both yesterday and today, now. C on his Harley, me on this one. The clutch is much stiffer than I'm used to w/ the sportbike, so that'll take more getting used to. Having the forward controls for the feet is very WRONG feeling to me, too. Still getting used to putting my feet up and forward.



Oh, and this motor is not rubber mounted. So not only do I not have any shocks... the motor is not contained in ANY way, so the vibrations are really strong. Like my hands and feet feel like they're going to vibrate off the ends if I don't keep readjusting. LOL!

So there we go! I feel like a TOTAL bad ass on this... a little like Jesse James even with those straight bars. hehehe

I ran out of gas sitting at a traffic light today, and switched it over to the reserve like I knew what I was doing! No gas guage, no gas light... I'm going to have to figure out how many miles I can go before the reserve becomes necessary. No clock either! LOL

And NO saddle bags. =:D There are mounts for bags, but I don't plan on using them. =o)

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More Kid Stuff - Nice Weather in Hawaii Finally


Well.... The Boy just finished up his second round of swimming lessons, and the life guard who was his teacher passed him for both Level 2 and Level 3. So hopefully the lifeguards at the OTHER pool will think he swims well enough to go off the diving boards and slides now!

I took some pics that I just love of him at the pool last week! I hope you can see them in enough detail!





I did take pictures of E then, too, but they're all of her in a bikini... so ya know. =o)

N has been super busy the last 3-4 weeks with swimming lessons, boy scouts, school and track practices.... so when it comes time to do homework.....


Yep! Fell asleep with the pencil in his hand, still. And he stayed like that for almost 2 hours. LMAO

So yesterday was Mother's Day and the kids presented me with their hand made gifts! And then they baked a CAKE!


A Red VELVET cake. With white icing.


So I ate two pieces yesterday. =o)

Then E got the big "present" yesterday... she got her hair done. Her poor hair was looking SO awful... the ugly home dye job was grown out with about 2 1/2 inches of roots showing. And her modeling photo shoot is in two weeks... so it just so happened that her hair appointment fell on Mother's Day.

We had them take her back to her natural color. Everyone who's used to seeing her will be shocked by how dark it is, but we've been coloring the brown out for a few years now. Time to let it get back to natural and healthy again. It took FOUR HOURS to do the job. I had no idea we'd be in there that long.

But...... here she is.




She loves it. LOL

And Rocker Boy!


The last picture I leave you with today is 19 years old. =o) I cannot BELIEVE this picture still exists out there... but a girl I graduated high school with scanned it and sent it to me! Inconceivable! It's from Senior Slave Day... 1988.


I put it up on the computer screen and asked each of the kids, separately... "Look at THAT person!" and they each said something like, "Is that you??!"

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Camping on the Beach in Hawaii

Bellows Beach


It was finally Cub Scout camping weekend! The Boy had been looking forward to this for a couple of months now... and it's finally come and gone. The Boy had a fantastic time. It was his first campout, and I think it was a really successful one. We pitched our tent, put the rain fly on top of it (thank GOD because OMG did the rain pour down during the nights!!!) and got our gear situated.

Before C left for Thailand he helped us shop for the perfect tent, and The Boy was unbelievably excited about it! He was shocked and amazed that I could actually put it up by myself. LMAO



So there's our little tent. It was perfect for the two of us and our stuff.

It was soooooooo windy out there, every second of the time. Not breezy, but gusting wind. Shoes would blow across the ground if not properly secured. Sneakers... not just flip flops.

Anyway, I have a GREAT sunburn going! I put sun screen everywhere except my chest and across the back of my shoulders. So at least it's not all over my body. The only burn N got was on his upper and lower eyelids... where I couldn't get any sunscreen at all.



It is hilarious how much STUFF some families take on a campout!! Huge house-sized tents, 12" thick air mattresses, sometimes TWO piled on top of each other, grills and charcoal and boogie boards and suitcases and propane gas coffee makers and portable picnic tables and house brooms and dozens of other things.

The Boy and I took a 2-man tent, two sleeping bags, a box of non-perishable food for me, a cooler with all my food and water, a backpack w/ his clothes, a pack w/ my clothes and a bag w/ my shower toiletries and towels.


The kids eating breakfast that was cooked over a small propane skillet. LOL!


The eating part, for me, turned out to be WAY easy. I took all of my own food, packed into a 50 Qt. cooler, and I took more than enough. A couple of the women asked what I was eating, and commented, "Ewww, you eat healthy, don't you?" It's always the most obese people who say things like that, too. Hmmmm. I baked a big loaf of my whole wheat flax banana bread and ate that alot. I took a couple of ground turkey burger patties w/ an egg white and oatmeal oats mixed into it. That got a few wondering comments from people. hehe


Here's the view out of our tent door! The beach is just on the other side of that ridge straight ahead.



This is my favorite shot from the weekend. Who knew a silhouette picture could be so good? =o)




The beach and water were gorgeous. It felt amazingly good to float around in the waves after being out in the hot sun all day.


The boys did mini golf as part of their requirements to earn the golfing beltloop. It was a fun little course.


Then later in the day a dad played football with a bunch of the boys. N loved every bit of that action.




Then dinner that night was TACOS! N was so hungry he built a huge two-in-one taco... a full hard taco put inside of a full soft taco!


When it got dark, we built a huge campfire, made smores, sang songs, told jokes and stories and then the boys went nuts in the dark w/ glow sticks.

So we're home earlier than expected today, on Sunday. We woke up at 6am to a HUGE pouring, driving rain... and the wind just made it go sideways.... so we packed up and left camp before we really had to. So now, I've emptied the van out, re-pitched the tent in the yard so that it can dry out to be put away properly, showered, lubed up my sunburn and am now looking at pictures.


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